In 2012, after a year of experimentation, the Hotel Elite became a certified NatureBio Hotel, which means it is a hotel with an environmentally-friendly ethos. The philosophy these hotels strive to convey is enjoyment of nature and respect for its products and life cycles by choosing organic and Fairtrade products. Our aim is to involve guests through our choices and to run our hotel in a way that conveys the NatureBio Hotel Elite’s fundamental principles:

  1. We care about the well-being of our guests
  2. We share the pleasure we get from living in this wonderful part of our region
  3. We uphold our region’s culture and traditions in a constantly changing world
  4. We are attentive in how we use our resources to ensure a clean, healthy environment
  5. We use certified organic and/or biodynamic agricultural products
  6. We use regionally-sourced products to reduce pollution from transport
  7. We use seasonal produce for the best taste at the best time
  8. We use biodegradable cleaning products and toiletries
  9. We use solar panels to heat the water

This means that at the NatureBio Hotel Elite respect for nature does not stop at the kitchen door with the organic produce we use in our restaurant, it also dictates our choice of cleaning products and the use of solar energy for the maximum protection of the environment.


eco world hotel levico elite bioOur ECOWORLDHOTEL certification (BHE0076-IT) bears witness to our eco-sustainability principles and green philosophy aimed at protecting the environment and promoting sustainable tourism
The EcoWorldHotel network was founded in 2007 by a group of hoteliers who were highly attentive to environmental concerns and issues related to proper hotel management. Their aim was to protect the region’s environmental heritage and promote member hotels, campsites and farmhouses. At the NatureBio Hotel Elite, we have a firm belief in this project and have worked to meet its requirements, ultimately obtaining certification through adherence to its strict standards of quality.


dolomite energy CERTIFICATION

dolomiti energia greenDolomiti Energia S.p.A. guarantees that 100% of the energy comes from renewable sources.